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From small factory to world leader

Bragagnolo family

La famiglia BragagnoloPasta ZARA has more than a century of history and has always been run by the Bragagnolo family, today at its fourth generation. A business story continuing successfully, which transformed a small factory to a company leader in the world. Each Bragagnolo reaching the top of the company brought with him innovation, development and passion. Keeping tradition alive, the Bragagnolo’s always invested in the people, in the products and in the future. Today, Furio, Arianna, Umberto and Franca reflect perfectly this entrepreneurial spirit: looking forward, but taking inspirations from their roots.

The history of Pasta ZARA and the Bragagnolo family

The Bragagnolo family has been making pasta for more than a century. It started as a small family business which later grew into a big, still expanding company, gaining an unique experience. During these years, Pasta ZARA's production maintained its principles unaltered: a careful selection of the best durum wheat semolina and only the latest technology used in the pasta-making process. A path that found the right balance between tradition and innovation. This is what makes the difference.
Dates to remember
Emanuele Bragagnolo starts a small artisan pasta factory in Villarazzo (Treviso).
Foto storica di Castelfranco Veneto (zona stazione, si scorge il pastificio sulla sinistra)Umberto Bragagnolo, Emanuele’s son, decided to convert the company from a small factory to an industrial reality, moving the head office from Villarazzo to Castelfranco Veneto, in the same province of Treviso. The new company was called Pastificio Elettrico Bragagnolo.
L'insegna del Pastificio Adriatico A new factory, called Pastificio Adriatico, was opened in the city of Zara, which then belonged to Italy and was the capital of Venetian Dalmatia.
Il progetto del pastificio a Riese Pio X prima della costruzione The city of Zara was destroyed by the bombs. By the end of the Second World War, Tito had come to power and the factory was seized by the regime. Umberto Bragagnolo was forced to leave, abandoning the idea of a second plant. He died after few time in Castelfranco Veneto, in his home, during a raid.
Pasta di ZaraThe company was developing in such a way that a new and larger production facility was required. It was built in Riese Pio X, which is also located in the province of Treviso, and to commemorate the company’s experience in Zara, it took the name of Pasta ZARA.
Franco BragagnoloFranco Bragagnolo, who had taken over the management of the company, had the fortuitous insight to concentrate entirely on exports. Results were obtained immediately: first in Austria, then in Germany and in Greece. Over the years Pasta ZARA and its high-quality products achieved success in markets all over the world.
The fourth generation of Bragagnolo family set in: Franco passes gradually the management of the company to his children Furio (chairman), Arianna, Umberto and Franca.
Lo stabilimento di Muggia appena inauguratoThe second production facility of Pasta ZARA is opened in Muggia (Trieste), doubling the company’s output.
Pasta ZARA overcomes the competition, becoming the first Italian exporter and the second producer of dry pasta.
Friulia, regional financial Friuli Venezia Giulia, come join the company Pasta ZARA Spa, strengthening the company's development plan.
Pasta Pagani Pastificio Pagani, in Rovato (Brescia) is acquired, becoming the third production facility of Pasta ZARA.
2012 - Celebrated 10 years from the opening of MuggiaCelebrated 10 years from the opening of Muggia.
Pasta ZARA increases the social capital: into the company Simest (merchant bank), as well as Friulia.