A production protecting environment and jobs

The project Pasta ZARA Greenaims to study, encourage and realize all possible actions useful to have a sustainable production process, with a long-term goal of developing but safeguarding environment, territory and jobs. A project realized through the use of alternative means of transport, the reduction of energy consumption thanks to renewable energy sources and the attention to animal well-being.


In its three plants, Pasta ZARA produces electric and heating power it needs all by itself thanks to its cogeneration system obtained by turbo-compressor endothermic motors with high energy savings. A cogeneration of 7000 kW. Electric compressors that produce no Co2 and also eliminate acoustic pollution are used to unload the cereal flour from the tanks.

Photovoltaic panels

Pannelli fotovoltaici sui tetti degli stabilimentiPasta ZARA also makes wide use of renewable energy sources thanks to two photovoltaic systems installed on the roofs of its productive units. The use of heated water tapped and electric energy is currently under study in order to make a big reduction in environmental impact in Rovato.

Eggs from free-range hens

Pasta Zara vince il Premio Good Egg Pasta ZARA makes ample use of organically farmed products every day, which, in addition to ensuring healthy and natural foods for consumers, also protect the environment because Organic Farming makes the most limited use of chemicals possible.  Pasta ZARA uses only eggs from free-range hens for its egg pasta. In honour of this commitment, Pasta ZARA was awarded the International Good Egg Prize in Paris in 2010 by Compassion in World Farming, the largest international non-governmental organization for animal well-being that has been working to improve the conditions of life for food production livestock for over 40 years. One of its main concerns is putting an end to the use of intensive rearing cages for egg laying hens and the promotion of passage to alternative, free-range farms in the open air.