First Italian pasta exporter

Planisfero, Pasta Zara nel mondo14,5% of dry pasta eaten in the world is produced by Pasta ZARA.
This result places the company at the top of the ranking of Italian exporters and at the second place among the producers. An amazing result that makes for a global success. The production of  Pasta ZARA reaches 97 countries: 51% of exports is towards European Union countries, 14% is to Non-EU European countries, 12% to Scandinavian countries, 10% to Middle East, 5% Far East, 4% Africa, 3% America, 1% Australia and Oceania.
Pasta ZARAin the last few years increased its presence in the markets of East Europe, as Russia, Hungary and Croatia, and in Japan, Middle East and Africa, and entered into completely new markets with a huge potential, as the United States. To oversee North Africa and the Middle East properly, it has a marketing office in Alexandria in Egypt.
Not only, Pasta ZARA is intensifying its presence on Italian market, which makes about 10% of the turnover.