Pasta ZARA Party, try it and believe…

Quality and quantity

Distribuzione a un Pasta Zara PartyLet people taste it. No doubts. The best and most effective promotional activity a company can undertake to show the quality of what it produces is to offer its pasta, make people taste it. In front of a good plate of steaming hot pasta there are no words to say, what counts is the opinion of who is eating it. And if the pasta producer stands its role, it will win the appreciation of the consumer, which is worth more than any persuasion.
Pasta ZARA Party. Distribution, often for free, of our pasta, prepared by important chefs and served by catering serviced that grant perfect reliability and service, in very different occasions.
Through the years we distributed thousands of plates, in Italy, but also abroad, containing our pasta. An example, the most effective: at the National Assembly of Alpini (one of Italian military corps), that took place in Bassano del Grappa in 2008, 60.000 plates of pasta with seasoning (tomatoes, pesto, amatriciana) were served, for about 6000 kg of product. 50 people, cookers and service personnel worked for two Pasta ZARA Parties, with a distributive capacity from 3000 to 5000 hot servings per hour.
It was a success, qualitative and quantitative. There, Pasta ZARA Parties passed their final test; now, they are a constant presence.

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