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I Gustosi

The happy “union” between Pasta ZARA and the Pastificio Bragagnolo gourmet brand has given rise to “i Gustosi”, a range of pasta that combines winning flavours with nutritional qualities. Particular products made from particular ingredients, ranging from Linguine (bronze-drawn pasta) with rosemary to Gemelli with tomato, basil and beetroot, from Sedani rigati with beans to Spaghetti with cuttlefish ink. The Pasta ZARA Linguine with rosemary are recommended especially for those consumers who want to try new and original flavours and combinations. With the Gemelli with tomato, basil and beetroot, Pasta ZARA has obtained a preparation of chopped, dried vegetables that are reminiscent of the taste and flavour of pizza. The Sedani rigati with beans, on the other hand, have been created especially for the “over 50s” due to their considerable fibre content. Finally, the Spaghetti with cuttlefish ink provides a traditional fish based first course without having to use any other ingredients. Just cook the pasta and serve.