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Le Armonie

Gluten-free pasta maintains characteristics and taste of traditional pasta. Perfect for whom is suffering from celiac disease.


Celiac disease is an alimentary allergy which affects a lot of people, forced to follow a gluten-free diet.
For them, Pasta ZARA created Armonie: gluten-free spaghetti, penne rigate and sedani rigati. This pasta contains only corn (70%), rice (29,5%) and the rest is emulsion (0,5%).
In this way, Pasta ZARA reached two goals. On the one side, these products are irreproachable from the celiac point of view, enough for being added to Italian Celiac-disease Association (AIC) reference book. On the other side, they are also products that maintained the features of traditional pasta in terms of taste and pleasantness. Because pasta, first of all, should be good!