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Le Magie

Giant deliciousness, which remind the traditions of Italian cuisine. They can make the difference. Both on the plate, visually, and for palates.

Pasta Zara Magie

Do you have in mind large shapes? Just double once again the size and you’ll obtain Magie.
A giant pasta going way back in time…
Italy is a country rich in Magic… that enchants whoever tastes the flavours of the traditional cuisine. Pasta ZARA created a range of products to enable our Italian Magic to be savoured. The magic goes way back in time, when pasta was handmade and the shapes were large, just like true culinary sculptures!
Magic became the “jewels” of Pasta ZARA: Fusilloni, Calamarata, Paccheri napoletani, Paguri (also known as Lumaconi) and Jumbo (Conchiglioni).
Italy is spectacular!