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Pastificio Bragagnolo

The recipes of times past, so as not to lose touch with your roots and your traditions.

Bragagnolo Reserve

Pasta ZARA brings back an old trademark creating a gourmet range for lovers of tastes, flavours and recipes of times past.

A leap back in time to when Pasta ZARA had not yet become Pasta ZARA, but was Pastificio Bragagnolo, from the name of the entrepreneurial family that has marked the 116 years of the business.
A historical and meaningful trademark and one of success that Pasta ZARA has brought back and relaunched to introduce a new range of exclusive products.
The range starts with “Bigoli Veneti”, a traditional dish of the Veneto region.
The “Bigoli Veneti” made by Pastificio Bragagnolo are produced using durum wheat flour , in other words the product obtained from the grinding and subsequent sifting of the durum wheat to remove foreign matter and impurities after the extraction of the semolina.