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Lumaconi with mushroom and sage sauce


In a wide-bottomed non-stick aluminium pan melt the butter and brown the garlic and leave the pre-cooked honey agaric mushrooms to sweat. Add the aromatic herbs and sauté the pasta cooked in plenty of salted water. Set aside a little of the cooking water. Continue to stir the pasta in the pan, sprinkle with black pepper and remove from the heat. Now flavour with grated Pecorino cheese. Arrange on a plate and decorate with sage leaves or as required. The aim of this dish is to bring out the flavour of the mushrooms, whichever type is used, and for this reason a fast cooking time in the pan is recommended.

Ingredients for 4 people
320 gr Lumaconi rigati
300 gr honey agaric mushrooms
1 clove garlic
80 gr butter
30 gr parsley
15 gr thyme
40 gr Pecorino Romano cheese
20 leaves sage

Durum wheat semolina pasta

053 Lumaconi rigati

053 Lumaconi rigati053 Lumaconi rigati confezioni
Average nutritional values for 100gr pasta
Energy 350 Kcal - 1483 Kj Fats 1,2 g
Proteins 12,0 g Saturated, mono unsaturated, poly unsaturated fats 0,3 g
Carbohydrates 71,0 g Sugars 3,2 g
Alimentary fibres 3,5 g Sodium 0,002 g