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In gastronomic history, many dishes have been given code names. Dishes using peas, for example, are called “à la Saint-Germain”, and the name refers to all those recipes that include fresh peas, either whole or as a purée. The name of these dishes was dedicated to the Count of Saint-Germain, minister of war under Louis XV, who was extremely fond of this fresh, light legume.

First wash the baby bay scallops thoroughly and prepare to gratin in the oven. Cover them with breadcrumbs, a little parsley, a little melted butter and the brandy. Cook in the oven at 200° having drained the pasta and use to garnish the dish. In a wide-bottomed pan brown the onion and celery in oil. Add the diced rabbit meat and pour on the white wine. Add a third of the peas and diced carrots and continue to cook, pouring on the velouté of rabbit. Season with salt and pepper. Prepare the velouté leaving the butter and garlic to cook in a small saucepan, then add the diced potatoes and the peas. Cover with the milk and allow to cook thoroughly, then blend with a hand blender. Cook the pasta in plenty of boiling, salted water and then sauté in the pan with the rabbit sauce. Pour the velouté of peas on the bottom of the dish, transfer the dressed pasta on top and decorate on the side with at least 4 baby bay scallops cooked au gratin.
Ingredients for 4 people
361 gr Spirali
50 gr onion
50 gr celery
50 gr onion
50 gr celery
250 gr rabbit
1 dl white raisin wine
1 dl velouté of rabbit
30 gr butter
1 clove garlic
120 gr fresh peas
60 gr potatoes
1 dl milk
12 baby bay scallops au gratin
2 cl brandy

“Sublime”- Emmer- based food specialties

057 Spirali

057 Spirali
Average nutritional values for 100gr pasta
Energy 360 Kcal – 1525 Kj Fats 2,5 g
Proteins 11,3 g Saturated 0,6 g
Carbohydrates 71,2 g mono unsaturated 0,5 g
Alimentary fibres 3,8 g poly unsaturated fats 1,4 g
Sugars 2,9 g Sodium 0,001 g
Colesterolo 0,0 mg