Where athletic strain and fatigue is at work, Pasta ZARA is there.

The testimonial? Carbohydrates!

Sport physicians advise: “Athletes should follow a diet based on the model of the Food Pyramid”. The basement of the pyramid (which indicates the fundamental foods) is composed by carbohydrates. Basically, the model of the Pyramid foresees a caloric contribution covered for at least 50% by carbohydrates: then come vegetable fibres, dairy products, meat and fats.
Pasta is the main source of complex carbohydrates, which are the best fuel for all cells to produce energy, because they require less oxygen than fats. Amid, in particular, is a complex carbohydrate that, once digested, is absorbed as simple sugar (glucose) and sent to cells. This procedure, moreover, requires a lot of time, that’s why pasta inhibit hunger sensation for long.
Pasta ZARA
is constantly committed to spread in Italy and worldwide the nutritional qualities of the Food Pyramid and of Mediterranean Diet. A path that brought to identify sport as the perfect testimonial to pass these concepts.
In particular, Pasta ZARA focused on sports where fatigue and resistance are usual and where athletes should eat adequately to be able to sustain the efforts they have to make.
Pasta ZARA
commitment for sport follows two routes: the partnership with sport events (where often a Pasta ZARA Party is put in place) and the sponsorship to sport associations.

Cycling and pasta

Gazzetta dello sport19-05-2011
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