System and product certifications

The safety of the system and of the product is a topic of increasing importance, especially in food production. It has a direct connection to consumers and Pasta ZARA has been sensitive on this issue for many years. Therefore, the company started its project aimed at obtaining all main International certifications testifying and acknowledging the efforts made for reaching the highest qualitative standards. These certifications are renewed each year, after the visits by various inspection commissions to the productive units.

The certification body SGS, for example, issued the certificate attesting the compliance of the company’s quality system with standard UNI EN ISO 9001:08 for what concerns the application field “Research, development and production of dry alimentary pasta”.The commission recognized that the productive process of Pasta ZARA occurs in compliance with clear and precise procedures, which grant full control and correct operative management. In other words, the commitment of the company was recognized since, to realize its products, it chooses and constantly controls the ingredients, in order to grant they are GMo-free and to prevent their contamination with allergenic substances.

Moreover, after a severe visit by representatives of a commission of hygiene and quality, the CSQA, certifying body has issued Pasta ZARA with the highest grades the certificates of conformity to B.R.C. (British Retail Consortium) with “Grade A” and with I.F.S. Standard (International Food Standard) with the “Higher” level.  They are a set of strict norms which regulates, from the Hygienic-sanitary point of view, the production process and the environmental conditions in which it occurs.

The Customs Agency awarded AEO, Authorized Economic OperatorPasta ZARA its AEO (Authorized Economic Operator)that attests the company’s “Customs safety and reliability”. The AEO also granted Pasta ZARAa specific position in the international logistic chain by inserting it in its European “White list” that provides it additional competitiveness at international level.

Pasta ZARA can also count on the product certification ISO 22005:08, respecting the requisite of “Traceability of the pasta product within the company”. This certification takes into consideration all the production chain of Pasta ZARA, from the receipt of raw material to the dispatch of the finished product, as far as the customer.

Finally, the Environmental management system of  Pasta ZARA is certified by the SGS body, in compliance with the norms of ISO 14001, that awards the efficient management of aspects and impacts related to activities-products-services of the company, with a goal of continuous improvement and environmental protection from potential pollution sources.

Certificate ISO 9001 Certificate ISO 22005 – Rovato plant
Certificate Riese-Muggia ISO 22005
Certificate GSFS – Rovato plant
Certificate IFS – Rovato plant
Certificate GSFS – Muggia plant
Certificate IFS – Muggia plant
Certificate GSFS – Riese plant

Certificate IFS – Riese plant