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Durum wheat semolina pasta

059 Millerighe

059 Millerighe059 Millerighe confezione
Average nutritional values for 100gr pasta
Energy 350 Kcal - 1483 Kj Fats 1,2 g
Proteins 12,0 g Saturated, mono unsaturated, poly unsaturated fats 0,3 g
Carbohydrates 71,0 g Sugars 3,2 g
Alimentary fibres 3,5 g Sodium 0,002 g

Mediterranean style Millerighe finger food


In this recipe the pasta is served cold as an hors d’oeuvres and is rich in fragrances and aromas typical of Italian cultural heritage. A sort of filled pastry that can be eaten with the fingers or served as part of an innovative hors d’oeuvres. The recipe requires a little patience, but the result will be a sure success.


Cook the pasta following the instructions given on the packet, drain well and leave to cool, setting the Millerighe in an upright position. Prepare the filling using ricotta and mascarpone and creaming the goat’s milk cheese. Divide the mixture in half and in one add the cooked king prawns cut into small pieces and in the other the sliced almonds. Carefully fill two thirds of the Millerighe. Cut the leek and the courgettes into julienne strips and insert them raw inside the remaining Millerighe. Now prepare the salad base, dressing with oil, salt and pepper, place the tomatoes on top having removed the skin, decorate the Millerighe as required with poppy seeds or pink pepper. Arrange the plate, to present the finger food creatively.

Ingredients for 4 people
12 Millerighe
60 ricotta
30 mascarpone
30 goat’s milk cheese
20 sliced almonds
6 king prawns
6 poppy seeds
80 courgettes
60 leeks
120 young lettuceyoung lettuce
8 cherry tomatoes
5 pink pepper
chopped parsley