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A pasta that maintains its features, but it is less caloric and rich of fibres. A great creation for our health.

Whole wheat durum semolina pasta

003 Spaghetti

03 Spaghetti integrali003 Integrale spaghetti
Average nutritional values for 100gr pasta
Energy 342 Kcal - 1449 Kj Fats 1,9 g
Proteins 13,1 g Saturated, mono unsaturated, poly unsaturated fats 0,6 g
Carbohydrates 64,7 g Sugars 4,3 g
Alimentary fibres 7,0 g Sodium 0,004 g

Trentino style wholemeal spaghetti


There are many merits of wholemeal pasta from a nutritional point of view: these include providing our bodies with a greater supply of fibre that enables us to increase our feeling of repletion. So, even though we eat a smaller quantity of pasta, we feel fuller. Moreover, wholemeal pasta improves the digestive system and the functions of the intestine and also prevents some illnesses linked to the digestive system.


Finely chop the leek and garlic and soften in the butter. Add the finely diced smoked ham and allow to brown. Add the golden delicious apples, the wrinkly ones, cut into thin slices and season with salt, pepper and sugar. Once the pasta has been drained and when it is still slightly wet, sauté in the pan and flavour with a pinch of powdered cinnamon. Serve sprinkled lightly with Grana Padano cheese.

Ingredients for 4 people
400 Spaghetti
60 butter
60 leek
1 clove garlic
20 sugar
120 smoked ham
120 golden delicious apples
3 cinnamon
40 Grana Padano